Our team

  • Deckel Mualem

    Deckel Mualem

    Co-Founder & Product Designer

    Product designer, with 25 years of experience in the field of digital product design. Lecturer at Ariel University on UX/UI and Director of Training at Netcraft Academy.

  • Lavi Perchik

    Lavi Perchik

    Head of development

    Web designer, with 15 years of experience in UI/UX, design and development. Lecturer at Emunah College and Hadassah Academic College on design, coding and WordPress.

  • Elena Umnova

    Elena Umnova

    Product designer

    Product designer with a cultural studies degree.
Focused on creating considered, aesthetic, and intuitive design. A big fan of visual art, movie, music, and psychology study.

  • Naveh Steiner

    Naveh Steiner

    UI designer

    An artist and musical composer, whose experience in the artistic space combined with passion for the craft, obsession to detail and love for people lend him a foreground for great human-centered design